Superheroes Visit

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization


Andy's mission is to visit sick kids at hospitals as Batman and teach them that just as Batman has no real superpowers, with strength and hope, they can stand up to anything in life.


As some of you might be aware, Kevin Braden(1983-2016) and I worked closely at Enova's Finance team from 2013 to 2015. Apart from being a great manager, he was a great mentor to me, both professionally and personally. Cool guy indeed.

 However, after a long and determined battle with cancer, he passed away peacefully on Jan 21, 2016, surrounded by family and friends.

 I was crushed to learn of his passing. As I was in China during a business trip, I could not attend his memorial service and burial.

They say time heals but I never really got the closure I thought would come with the passage of time. Maybe I was just being too naive, maybe I just not as strong as I thought I would be...whatever the reason, the grief still lingers.

 After some self reflection, I've decided to convert this lost feeling into something positive and impactful by leveraging the ideation of superheroes and hope.

 Thus, the birth of Superheroes Visit.

Support Batman!

None of these would had been possible without support from the community!

Ways you can help:

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  3. Amazon Smile Shopping (Amazon* donates 0.5% of purchases): Click here
  4. If you know of any Chicago or NYC hospitals that would like a visit from Batman, let Batman know via the bottom of this page.
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